Welcome to "The Falconer's Apprentice"

I've owned this domain for quite some time now and figured it was finally time to start working on putting something on it. I've felt like the falconry culture has been in a fast paced shift but resources for aspiring falconers, new falconers, and existing falconers has been falling behind.

I wanted to assemble a place that would be a "directory" for everyone, from basic apprentice knowledge to "where can I buy a peregrine from". I'm hoping over time I can assemble this site into a tool used across the country.

Please contact me right away if there's something you think I should include, or adjust.

"My lord shall never rest; I'll watch him tame, and talk him out of patience. - Shakespeare"

Important Pages


What is an apprenticeship? How do I get one? Where do I start? If those are the questions you are asking check this page out first.


Over on our equipment section we discuss the basic equipment, how to make some of it, some templates and more.

Finding Fields

A page that discusses a key thing often overlooked, how to determine what is a good field and secure permission. Also includes template "written permission" forms.


The health of your bird should be your primary concern. This section covers basics and provides multiple resources to help you out.


This page discusses the basics of falconry training and provides resources on fine tuning your skills.

Weight Management

A page dedicated to helping falconers new and old alike in how to manage weight. Template charting methods will be provided

Why are you a falconer?

I originally pursued falconry as an extension to my outdoors nature. I know it eventually consumed me, like it does for many others. I look forward to every flight, and every moment I get to spend with the birds in the field.

What's your attraction?

If you asked someone why they pursued falconry you will get a different answer from everyone, but some common trends occur.

Some reasons include a direct connection to nature, to build a bond, a new way to hunt, "just because", etc. It's important to consider what exactly allures you to it, and make sure than the reasons match the results.

Archimedes Takes a Grey Squirrel

Capturing film footage of falconry

Capturing footage of falconry is often considered taboo. It shows a very primal path of the cycle of life that many people aren't comfortable with.

This website will be showing falconry footage that entails exactly what falconry is; a hunting tradition and sport.

The video to your left is a short film edit of a squirrel hunt with a passage male red tail. This was this birds third squirrel of the season. The bird was trapped on Halloween weekend and started hunting just shy of 2 weeks later.

Meet the Website Team

Gregory Miller

Site Owner